Beginner Lessons
New Beginner Lessons
with Ernie Moore

Friday Mornings at 9:30am (Starts October 21st)
Series on Beginning Bridge

Only $15 per lesson.
(Includes notes and complimentary lunch)

For more information or to register, please contact the Bridge Club
at 954-761-1577 or by email

Intermediate Lessons
Instant Replay
with Jesse Laird

Saturday Mornings at 10am (Ongoing)

Each session, we
- Go over the interesting hands of the week (about 6-8 hands)
- Discuss bidding and playing techniques thoroughly. (with take-home notes)

Only $10 per lesson. ($20 includes lesson, lunch & bridge entry to afternoon game)
For more information or to register, please contact Jesse at 954-761-1577 or email

Why You Lose at Bridge 
with Michael Wolf

Thursday Mornings 9:45am to 11:45am (Ongoing)

These lessons will focus on fundamental concepts which must be mastered in order to advance to a level of consistently good results. Lack of attention to fundamentals is the main reason you lose at bridge. Fundamental concepts will be taught in the areas of:
- Declarer Play-topics will include counting, card reading, trump control, proper handling of common card combinations, and recognition of some common end positions.
- Bidding: Discipline, introduction to and handling of certain conventions, and rules to incorporate into your competitive bidding decisions.
- Defense: proper carding, counting, visualization, partnership communication, 2nd and 3rd hand play.
- Opening leads: the thought process, breaking old habits, percentage plays.

Only $10 per lesson. No partner needed
For more information or to register, please contact Michael at 954-673-1146 or email

  Fishing for Extra Tricks
with Ron Fischer

Tuesday Mornings at 9:45am (Ongoing)

Each week Ron goes over a concept that is useful to be competitive in duplicate bridge.
Bidding Quizes and Take Home Notes Available at the end of each session.

Only $15 per lesson. No partner needed.
For more information or to register, please contact the Club at

Advanced Lessons

Advanced Lessons
with Bernace De Young
(Special workshop coming this Summer!)

If you are ready to be competitve in the Open Game, then these lessons are for you.

Bernace is a Grand Life Master with over 16,000 Masterpoints and over 30 years of teaching experience.

Only $20 per lesson or $125 for the 8 lessons package (January 18th to March 8th)
For more information or to register, please contact contact Bernace at 305-937-2222 or email